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Valentina Zenere

Argentine actress, model, and singer Valentina Zenere. Valentina Zenere was born on January 15, 1997, making her 25 years old as of 2022. She was raised in a stable Christian home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was born and raised. She belongs to the nation of Argentina and practices Christianity. Height- 1.63 m (5ft 4 in). Now she lives in Madrid, Spain. Valentina Zenere has a net worth of $0.5 million as of 2022.

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Luciana, her younger sister, is named. She frequently shared pictures of herself and her ex-boyfriend Marcos De Pietri on Instagram. Felipe and Kyara are the names of her two pet canines. Her pals refer to her as Valu. She displayed a passion for the arts at a young age by participating in musical comedies and theater. She made her first appearance in a Barbie advertisement on television. [2] She joined the main cast of Casi ángeles’ fourth season as Alai, the thirteen-year-old daughter of Tacho (Nicolás Riera), and Jasmine, in 2010, while the show was in its fourth season (China Suarez).

She appeared as Jessica Cervantes in 2011’s episode of Los Nicos. She appeared in advertisements for Sweet Victorian and Tutta Frutta while being represented by Multitalent Agency in the same year. At an early age, she began working in numerous television commercials. In the Disney Channel shows Soy Luna and Juacas, she played the role of Ambar Smith, for which she is best known. She remained friends with many of her co-stars, including Carolina Kopeloff, Michael Ronda, and Eugenia Suarez.

Alongside Agustin Bernasconi, she won a part in the 2013 teen opera Aliados. In the 2014 second season of the show, she continued to play Mara Ulloa, Maia’s half-sister. Maia (Mariel Percossi) was Maia’s character. She played the primary antagonist mbar Smith on the television show, Soy Luna, from 2016 to 2018, a part she also played in Juacas. For Cable Girls’ final season in 2020, she joined the cast.

In the fifth season of the famous Spanish Netflix series Cable Girls, which was released in 2020, Valentina Zenere took the lead role. She declared in 2021 that she would be joining the Netflix series Elite’s main cast.

Zeneristas is the name given to her followers

Together with her co-star Agustin Bernasconi, she first made an appearance in the telenovela Aliados before moving on to Soy Luna. It was a romantic relationship between their characters. The genre has played an adversary for the first time as mbar Smith, and she likes the part.

An Israeli interview revealed that she can speak English. On July 18, 2016, she surpassed 1 million Instagram followers. Prior to the release of Soy Luna, she didn’t really enjoy singing or dancing, but she now adores both. She would like to be Rapunzel from the Disney film Tangled. Sushi, candies, and chocolate rank among her favorite foods.

Pop and reggaeton are her favorite musical genres. Agustin Bernasconi, Jorge López, and Michael Ronda are her closest coworkers. She describes herself as calm, sane, and determined. She never leaves the house without her makeup and perfume. She is presently dating Marcos Depietri. When she was 15 years old, they started dating, broke up for two years during the time she was in Soy Luna, and then they reconciled.

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