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Drew Barrymore Net Worth, Age, Acting & Instagram

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Flower Films, which Barrymore founded, is a producing firm. It gave birth to other projects during which she appeared. In 2013, she developed the Flower cosmetics collection, which has since expanded to encompass lines of make-up, perfumes, and eyewear. Her other projects include a wine company and a clothesline. In 2015, E. P. Dutton published Wildflower, a compilation of Barrymore’s autobiographical essays.

What is the net worth of Drew Barrymore?

An American actress, director, & producer by name of Drew Barrymore, is worth $125 million. Since her remarkable appearance in the movie E.T. at the age of just six, Drew Barrymore has spent almost her entire life in the public eye, both onscreen and in the tabloids. Since then, she has successfully navigated the frequently challenging transition into adult roles, though not without some setbacks along the way.

She now continues to work in a variety of other industries as well as on the big and small screens, including her own cosmetics line, clothing line, and including her own signature wine. At the height of her film career, Barrymore was reputedly earning $15 million per film, as she did for her performance in Music and Lyrics.

Drew Barrymore Early Years

Drew Barrymore, born on February 22nd, 1975, has movie fame in her blood from the start, being a member of one of the most renowned acting families in entertainment business history. Her paternal grandpa, the renowned John Barrymore, was one of the most recognized actors of his day, as well as the number of Barrymores who worked as actors before and after him, is too vast to name here. Drew has prominent film figures such as Steven Spielberg, and Sophia Loren as godparents. Her notoriously tumultuous life includes parties, drugs, and alcohol at a young age, entering rehab at the age of 13, and liberating her parents at the age of 15.

Drew Barrymore’s Career in Acting

Barrymore started her acting career even earlier in life, at the age of just 11 months. She allegedly won the job after being tugged by a dog during her casting call for a dog food commercial and choosing to laugh instead of cry. She gained her feature film debut in the science fiction movie the Altered States a few years later, but it was her part as Elliot’s younger sister Gertie in the movie E.T. two years later that catapulted her to international fame.

What happened to Drew Barrymore when she was a child?

She was put in rehab at the age of 13 and spent 18 months in a mental institution. After attempting suicide at 14, she returned to recovery, accompanied by a three-month residency with musician David Crosby and his wife.

Drew Barrymore was afflicted with what?

Barrymore has previously spoken publicly about her issues with substance abuse, even writing a diary as a teenager to chronicle her experiences. She became hooked on cocaine as a child performer, which she claims had her blacklist in Hollywood just at age of 12.

Why does Drew Barrymore so well-known?

She rose to fame in 1982 as the lovely Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s movie E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Later that year, at the age of seven, Barrymore has become the younger-ever host of Saturday Night Live.

Why did Drew Barrymore become wealthy?

She was paid $1.5 million for her performance in Mad Love in 1995, and $3 million for Ever After in 1998. Her launch in the Charlie’s Angels franchise was paid $9 million in 2000, and the sequel was worth $14 million. Then, in 2007, she received her largest payout of $15 million.

Drew Barrymore Image and style

In 2007, Barrymore signed on as a model and spokesperson for CoverGirl Cosmetics. She continued to be one of the CoverGirl models in February 2015, along with Taylor Swift and Queen Latifah. In the words of Esi Eggleston Bracey, general manager of CoverGirl Cosmetics North America, “she emulates the classic image of CoverGirl with her fresh & natural beauty and lively yet honest character.”

She contributed more than just her personality to her endorsement; she also contributed to the ads’ creative development. In 2007, she ranked first on People’s annual list of the 100 Most Beautiful People. She was chosen to represent the Gucci jewelry line as its new face.