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Adrian Gee Childhood, Age, Wiki, Girlfriend, Family & Nationality

Adrian Gee

Adrian Gee is a well-known Australian YouTuber, content creator, dating guru, and entrepreneur in addition to being a well-known personality, comedian, writer, director, and actor.

Adrian Gee Childhood-

On August 3, 1993, Adrian Gee was born. Although he was born and reared in Australia, he is of Polish descent. His parents, who were both born in Poland but later emigrated to Australia, were there when he was born. Adrian Gruszka is his real name; however, he is better known as Adrian Gee. He like Indian cuisine and hopes to go there someday. He hasn’t said much about his academic career. He always converses in Polish with his family because his parents did not know English very well.

Adrian Gee YouTube Journey-

Adrian started posting acting-related videos to his YouTube channel in 2012, and after about a year, he started experimenting with the type of content he put online. Adrian loves to conduct a variety of pranks and picaresque themes in the streets, so he set out into the world to interact with people. His channel’s video library started to steadily expand.

His rise to fame on YouTube was fueled by pranks, social experiments, crowd trolls, street interviews, and other antics. He is also an aspiring actor and model. His video “The Real Blind Man Honesty Test (Social Experiment)” immediately gained popularity online. Although AdrianGruszka started his YouTube page in September 2011, it wasn’t until June 2012 that he posted his first video. Over 1.78 million people are currently watching Adrian’s YouTube channel. Similar to this, Adrian posted a video to his secondary “Kissing Girls with PrankInvasion” YouTube page.

Making prank films gave way to him talking to girls on the street about relationships, sex, and other dating-related topics and jokes. More than 140,197,161 people have seen his videos, and he has close to 1.82 M subscribers.

Adrian Gee Net Worth-

As of November 2022, Adrian’s net worth is predicted to be in the range of $155,000.

Adrian Gee Height and Weight-

Adrian Gee is one of the tallest people in Australia at 6 feet 3 inches/192 cm/1.92 m. He weighs 198.42 lbs/90 kg. Gee is renowned for his humor and capacity for making others laugh. He’s been called “hilarious” and “down-to-earth” by others. Gee has been transparent about his struggle with weight as well.

Adrian Gee Relationship Status-

Adrian Gee isn’t dating right now. However, he had a long-standing romantic relationship with Maggie Claydon. In July 2019, Maggie shared a selfie with Adrian for the first time. Since then, she has continuously uploaded photos of the two of them. Maggie, on the other hand, shared Adrian’s final image on her Instagram on January 9, 2019. Similarly to that, on March 8, 2018, Adrian posted their prior photo on Instagram.

He has made some shocking admissions about dating and relationships, such as these. Additionally, he has admitted that he dates the women he meets while filming his YouTube videos.

Adrian Gee Personal Details-

Full Name Adrian Gruszka
Born Date August 3, 1993
Education New York Film Academy
Siblings Two sisters
Horoscope Leo
Best Match for Marriage Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Gender Male
Profession Youtuber, Dating Guru, Entrepreneur
Country Australia
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 90 kg
Marital Status single
Break Up Maggie Claydon
Net Worth $155 k
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Polish

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Adrian Gee

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